Windows 10: To Upgrade or Not to Upgrade!

Anyone using Windows 7 or 8.1 has probably been hassled by their computer a time or two since the pending release of Windows 10 was announced at the start of June. You’ve probably noticed a small Microsoft symbol (the stylised, white, 4-paned window symbol) in the bottom-right corner, next to the clock. Occasionally, a small… [Read More]

You have a great idea for an App, but where do you start?

At Geeks to the Rescue, we are frequently approached by clients who have “a great App idea”, but they don’t know where to start and whether it will make them millions. This is a subject where we can go into great depth, but to make things simpler, we have listed some commonly asked questions with… [Read More]

Windows XP No Longer Supported by Microsoft

As of April 2014, Windows XP still makes up 30% of the desktop computer market, so there is a pretty good chance that you or someone you know is still using it. However, you may have heard that from April 8, Microsoft is no longer providing support for Windows XP, so it’s important to understand… [Read More]

Can’t Open Attachments in OWA

Today, I came across an issue where a client couldn’t open any attachments to emails from within Outlook Web Access (OWA). OWA was being accessed via Internet Explorer (IE) 9 on a Vista laptop. The server that OWA was connecting to was a Small Business Server 2003. I could get the attachments to open in… [Read More]