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PC repairs & troubleshooting

PC repairs & troubleshooting

You need your PC repairs to happen quickly. Computers can and do perform so many tasks of every day life now. This means people become very anxious when they stop working and have to start looking…

Internet security & firewalls

Internet security & firewalls

Questions you’re probably asking: There are so many choices of security software, how do I decide which to buy? What about the free ones you can find online, do they work? Do I need anti-virus…

Home & office networking

NBN, Modems & wifi

Common Networking Issues: Printer sharing- You’ve got multiple computers on your network but only 1 printer. So what do you do if you want to print from one of the computers that isn’t connected to…

Data recovery & backup

Data recovery & backup

Backups Are you SURE you actually have a backup? These days, many people have external hard drives and they certainly know how to fill them with precious data such as personal photos, company…

Virus & spyware removal

Virus & hacking recovery

Viruses, spyware, Trojans, adware – there are many categories, but they’re all a nuisance! Collectively we call them “Malware” (short for Malicious Software). There are around 5000 new Malware…



These days computers are in nearly every home and workplace because so many day-to-day activities or business activities are switching over to them. However, despite their ubiquity, many people…

What our customers say

I am so impressed! Not only did Nathan show me how to save $40 per month on my internet bill (that’s almost $500 a year!), but my internet speed is now literally 20 times faster and I didn’t even have to change my internet provider. Definitely recommending you guys to everyone.

Parry F

South Perth

I have engaged Geeks to the Rescue several times for problems and for a general check of my computer. I’m very happy with their quality and fast attendance. Their service, assistance, and fault resolution are excellent, and I warmly recommend them.

Jason K


Geeks to the Rescue was recommended to me and I’m really glad they were! Nathan was very helpful and understood my problem, without making it more complicated than it should be. Service was quick and he went beyond expectation. Certainly will recommend to others. Thank you, Mike.

Mike T

South Perth

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While we are striving to solve your particular problems, our staff will explain in clear, simple English what the issue is, how we are fixing it, and how you can prevent it in the future. We offer PC and MAC support as well, helping to service and solve a range of IT problems for desktop and laptop systems. If you are in need of our assistance, please contact Geeks to the Rescue via phone or email today!

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