Is your hard drive about to fail? Know these symptoms!

We hope you never have to experience the most painful of computer events! No, we’re not talking about unexpected software updates that change all your personal settings. We’re talking about losing all your data due to hard drive failure. Do you feel lucky?! Many times a year, I’m called out to rescue clients from failed… [Read More]

Laptops vs Desktops vs All-In-Ones

Clients with desktop computers often ask me, “Is it about time I got a laptop”?  It always surprises me when I’m asked this because it kind of implies that to switch to a laptop is to graduate to a more advanced or superior computer. In recent years, “all-in-ones” have increased in popularity, so I’m getting… [Read More]

iPhone Users Tracked by Apple Again

For iPad or iPhone users who have updated their phone to iOS 6 (owners of the new iPhone 5 already have it), you might want to know that Apple is now keeping track of your search preferences so advertisers can target you. I have to say, its pretty sneaky the way Apple has done it,… [Read More]

Before you Update your iPhone to iOS 5!

Smithers, release the iOS 5! Nearly a month ago (12th October 2011), Apple released iOS 5, a major update to the iPhone and iPad operating system. It seems to have some great new features that are well worth the update and, indeed, from the day it was released, there has been a mad rush by… [Read More]

Confused about Wireless?

Clients regularly tell us about telcos such as Optus or Telstra calling them up and offering them wireless internet. There’s always some fantastic deal attached to it – something like you get all your mobile phone calls included for free, plus reduced international call rates and home phone rates. But is it worth it? Well,… [Read More]

Make your PC last Twice as Long

Overheating and Unexpected Shutdowns Would you want your computer’s lifespan reduced by 50%? We didn’t think so, but this is what can happen due to the damage caused when a computer overheats. What are the symptoms of an overheating computer? Keep in mind that once a computer has started exhibiting these symptoms it has already… [Read More]

Mac vs Windows

Which is better? When people realise I work on both Macs and PCs, they inevitably ask, “Which is better?” My answer is always, “There’s nothing in it; one does not work any better than the other.” In most cases, this answer usually results in them telling me about their “Uncle Bob” who swears by Macs… [Read More]