Keep Facebook Friends Separated

One of the great things about working for an organisation that supports such a wide range of customer types is that I’m constantly adding to my computer support knowledge-base in my efforts to find solutions for clients. Here’s a classic example; John, a small business client from Ardross, was telling me that, while most of… [Read More]

Crackin’ Passwords

Before you get too excited or concerned, don’t worry, I’m going to tell you how to make really good (crackin’) passwords, not how to go about cracking passwords. A client in South Perth (Hi Sharman) was asking me today if it was possible to make different passwords for each of her accounts that were still… [Read More]

Laptops vs Desktops vs All-In-Ones

Clients with desktop computers often ask me, “Is it about time I got a laptop”?  It always surprises me when I’m asked this because it kind of implies that to switch to a laptop is to graduate to a more advanced or superior computer. In recent years, “all-in-ones” have increased in popularity, so I’m getting… [Read More]

Re-glazed – Windows 8 Released

Windows 8 was officially released on Friday, 26th October. The lead up to the release has fuelled a lot of speculation as it is said that this version of Windows will either make or break Microsoft.  That might sound like a big call, but Windows 8 is a dramatic departure from what we’ve become used… [Read More]

Adding a Maiden Name to Your Facebook Account

I recently attended my high school’s 25 year reunion. What I found most amazing was that I didn’t recognise some of the faces of people until I looked at their name badge. Luckily, that memory jogger made their features suddenly recognisable. Despite most of the women being married and having taken their husband’s surname, only… [Read More]

iPhone Users Tracked by Apple Again

For iPad or iPhone users who have updated their phone to iOS 6 (owners of the new iPhone 5 already have it), you might want to know that Apple is now keeping track of your search preferences so advertisers can target you. I have to say, its pretty sneaky the way Apple has done it,… [Read More]

Before you Update your iPhone to iOS 5!

Smithers, release the iOS 5! Nearly a month ago (12th October 2011), Apple released iOS 5, a major update to the iPhone and iPad operating system. It seems to have some great new features that are well worth the update and, indeed, from the day it was released, there has been a mad rush by… [Read More]

Is that Email a Fake or Not?

Good security software will get rid of the bulk of your spam mail so usually you don’t have to worry about them but occasionally some slip past the keeper and end up in your inbox.  Mostly they’re just annoying, but occasionally, slotted in between the email offering you a cheap Rolex watch and another selling… [Read More]

Can’t Open Attachments in OWA

Today, I came across an issue where a client couldn’t open any attachments to emails from within Outlook Web Access (OWA). OWA was being accessed via Internet Explorer (IE) 9 on a Vista laptop. The server that OWA was connecting to was a Small Business Server 2003. I could get the attachments to open in… [Read More]

Confused about Wireless?

Clients regularly tell us about telcos such as Optus or Telstra calling them up and offering them wireless internet. There’s always some fantastic deal attached to it – something like you get all your mobile phone calls included for free, plus reduced international call rates and home phone rates. But is it worth it? Well,… [Read More]