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Keep Facebook Friends Separated

One of the great things about working for an organisation that supports such a wide range of customer types is that I’m constantly adding to my computer support knowledge-base in my efforts to find solutions for clients. Here’s a classic example; John, a small business client from Ardross, was telling me that, while most of… [Read More]

Crackin’ Passwords

Before you get too excited or concerned, don’t worry, I’m going to tell you how to make really good (crackin’) passwords, not how to go about cracking passwords. A client in South Perth (Hi Sharman) was asking me today if it was possible to make different passwords for each of her accounts that were still… [Read More]

Laptops vs Desktops vs All-In-Ones

Clients with desktop computers often ask me, “Is it about time I got a laptop”?  It always surprises me when I’m asked this because it kind of implies that to switch to a laptop is to graduate to a more advanced or superior computer. In recent years, “all-in-ones” have increased in popularity, so I’m getting… [Read More]

Re-glazed – Windows 8 Released

Windows 8 was officially released on Friday, 26th October. The lead up to the release has fuelled a lot of speculation as it is said that this version of Windows will either make or break Microsoft.  That might sound like a big call, but Windows 8 is a dramatic departure from what we’ve become used… [Read More]

Adding a Maiden Name to Your Facebook Account

I recently attended my high school’s 25 year reunion. What I found most amazing was that I didn’t recognise some of the faces of people until I looked at their name badge. Luckily, that memory jogger made their features suddenly recognisable. Despite most of the women being married and having taken their husband’s surname, only… [Read More]

iPhone Users Tracked by Apple Again

For iPad or iPhone users who have updated their phone to iOS 6 (owners of the new iPhone 5 already have it), you might want to know that Apple is now keeping track of your search preferences so advertisers can target you. I have to say, its pretty sneaky the way Apple has done it,… [Read More]