You have a great idea for an App, but where do you start?

At Geeks to the Rescue, we are frequently approached by clients who have “a great App idea”, but they don’t know where to start and whether it will make them millions. This is a subject where we can go into great depth, but to make things simpler, we have listed some commonly asked questions with… [Read More]

What can I do with the Cloud?

A light-hearted but practical look Obviously there is no recorded historical account of the first purpose that the wheel was put to but it was probably some practical task. However, I like to imagine it was the centrepiece of at least the occasional practical joke, too. In my mind’s eye, I see two cavemen laughing… [Read More]

How to Tell When an Email Is a Fraud

Definitions first. Spam is email that is unsolicitied: you never asked for it in the first place. Email that you originally asked for or consented to receive is not spam just because you no longer want it any more. It’s an important distinction because unwanted email might be annoying because it’s filling up your inbox,… [Read More]

Keep Facebook Friends Separated

One of the great things about working for an organisation that supports such a wide range of customer types is that I’m constantly adding to my computer support knowledge-base in my efforts to find solutions for clients. Here’s a classic example; John, a small business client from Ardross, was telling me that, while most of… [Read More]