Don’t let your files get kidnapped by CryptoWall

A new type of computer infection, CryptoWall, is making its presence known. Once it infects your computer, it quickly gets to work converting all of your personal data such as photos, documents and emails to an encrypted form that you can no longer use. CryptoWall is a type of infection called ransomware. Ransomware locks your… [Read More]

Beware Adobe Flash Player Update

There is a particularly bad “rogue antivirus” program called “ThinkPoint” making the rounds at the moment – I’ve removed it from PCs owned by three different clients just today!  What is it? I’ll tell you exactly how this particular infection gets into your computer in just a moment, but first of all I’ll tell you… [Read More]

Infection NEVER means you’ve lost all your data!

A friend from the other side of the country was telling me today how she had recently had an infection on her laptop. Unfortunately, she had an assignment due which she had literally spent hours on and it was due the next day, so she was desperate to get her computer fixed.  Assuming (incorrectly) that… [Read More]

Avoiding Viruses when Web Surfing

It’s really common – you’re just Googling something of interest and all of a sudden, a message pops up to tell you that your computer is infected. The message goes on to say that you need to download some specifically mentioned software to fix the infection AS SOON AS POSSIBLE or your computer will catch… [Read More]