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Beware Adobe Flash Player Update

There is a particularly bad “rogue antivirus” program called “ThinkPoint” making the rounds at the moment – I’ve removed it from PCs owned by three different clients just today!  What is it? I’ll tell you exactly how this particular infection gets into your computer in just a moment, but first of all I’ll tell you… [Read More]

Make your PC last Twice as Long

Overheating and Unexpected Shutdowns Would you want your computer’s lifespan reduced by 50%? We didn’t think so, but this is what can happen due to the damage caused when a computer overheats. What are the symptoms of an overheating computer? Keep in mind that once a computer has started exhibiting these symptoms it has already… [Read More]

Tech-Optimizers Scam

Initial Contact Several clients have told us recently of unsolicited calls they’ve received from a company claiming to be associated with Microsoft.  Ultimately, our clients end up having their credit cards charged anywhere from $200 to $400 for this company supposedly fixing problems on their computers. Apparently the company gives the impression that it is… [Read More]

Mac vs Windows

Which is better? When people realise I work on both Macs and PCs, they inevitably ask, “Which is better?” My answer is always, “There’s nothing in it; one does not work any better than the other.” In most cases, this answer usually results in them telling me about their “Uncle Bob” who swears by Macs… [Read More]

New Adobe PDF – an Email Scam

I’ve had quite a few clients ask me about this lately and even a few that have lost money to it. Let me be clear, this has nothing to do with the company called Adobe, but rather another business that is trying to make money by using Adobe’s name. An email arrives with the title… [Read More]

Careful or You May Lose Money Selling your Car Online!

Just before Christmas ’09, my wife was trying to sell her car via a well-known online car sales website. Despite it being a fantastic car, Australian Federal Government tax incentives to encourage businesses to buy new cars during 2009 meant that the second-hand car market was pretty slow and she wasn’t getting much interest. But,… [Read More]