Our Services

Virus & SpyWare Removal

Viruses, spyware, Trojans, adware – there are many categories, but they’re all a nuisance!

Collectively we call them “Malware” (short for Malicious Software).  There are around 5000 new Malware created EVERY single day, so no wonder so many people are affected by them.

Some of our clients say they feel embarrassed that their computer got infected, but don’t worry, you’re in good company because it’s one of the most common reasons people call us out.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Your website looks great, so how come you’re not getting enough people coming to it?  It’s simple; they can’t find it, because your website isn’t optimised for the words they’re Googling. We have a panel of experts at our disposal to ensure that you get the best possible results for your website. How do you know they know what they’re doing? Well, chances are you found us via a Google search.

Internet Security & Firewalls

We see lots of infections and of course we see what security software is installed on these infected computers. That puts us in the best position to give you unbiased advice on which software really is the most effective.

Home & Office Networking

Want to share printers and files or need a wireless network set up? Get a RescueGeek to help you out.

Data Recovery & Backup

Are you sure you actually have a backup?  Are you backing up all the right files?  Are you sure your backup is working?

Fixing & Troubleshooting Computers

There are millions of potential problems and you need your computer fixed quickly. Give Geeks to the Rescue a call and we’ll have a RescueGeek out there as soon as possible.

Computer Maintenance

Don’t wait until it’s stopped working to get someone to look at it because then you’ve got forced down time.  Best to get it regularly maintained because then you control when you stop work on it.


Just like any other skill, it’s much easier if you can get an expert to show you the ropes rather than getting yourself all tangled and tied in knots trying to work it out for yourself.