Internet Security & Firewalls

Questions you’re probably asking

  • There are so many choices of security software, how do I decide which to buy?
  • What about the free ones you can find online, do they work?
  • Do I need anti-virus, anti-spyware, a firewall and anti-spam or can I just get away with some of these?
  • Does changing the settings make it work better (there are so many options, surely they are there for a reason)?
  • Exactly what is a firewall and what does it do?

Your dilemma

NONE of the available security software is 100% effective in stopping infections (all brands freely admit that).  This might make them seem pointless, but their real purpose is to reduce your likelihood of getting an infection, just as seat belts in cars only reduce the chance of injury in an accident rather than completely stopping it.

Some brands ARE better than others so for optimum security, you need to get one of those brands. Unfortunately, they all tell you theirs is the best and obviously that can’t be possible!

Where we come in

We see lots of infections and of course we see what security software is installed on these infected computers. That puts us in the best position to give you unbiased advice on which software really is the most effective.

Plus we can set them up for you so that the firewall doesn’t stop your programs from working, allows your networked computers to continue sharing files and printers, and doesn’t block you from sending or receiving email.